We are breeders of Indigos, Cribos and other snakes based in France. Our team :


Charlotte HUBLER

With an experience of 10 years in the acclimatization center of La Ferme Tropicale, including 5 years as a site manager, Charlotte was in charge of 8.000-12.000 specimens of reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. Her specialization in ophidians was fast, and her personal results on breeding and in acclimatization allowed her to build a reputation based on her serious and the quality of her production. Faithful to the values ​​of trust and respect that are important to her, she now wants with West European Drymarchon to breed specific species, combinating the promotion of captive populations and her engagement on the protection of wild populations and their habitat.


Florian DENIS

After a first few years experience in the world of reptiles as an animal keeper at La Ferme Tropicale (biggest reptile store in France), Florian then went to several jobs in the field of e-commerce and social media. To combine these two areas, he now runs the different websites of La Ferme Tropicale and their web communication. Also photographer, he produces the pictures for West European Drymarchon.



Beside of his major career as an international star stud male in the world of Dobermann breeding, Sirius helps West European Drymarchon by demanding cuddles and snoring soundly at the feet of Florian when he his working on the computer, improving his efficiency.



After a quite successful career in the field of dog biting sports, Endrix now works for West European Drymarchon. She is in charge of the security, by keeping dangerous intruders like squirrels, birds and cats away from the house. She also sniffs thawing mices with interest, to control their freshness before feeding the snakes.


Our breeding ethics is based on the most important values for us. For all of our livestock, it means good quality and diversity of gene pools, and the choice of specimens perfectly representative of their species. For morphs, it means crossing specimens from solid strains with good traceability.

About our Drymarchon specimens, our requirements are a little more strict, because of the current state of these groups in Europe. The constitution of our herd is made over several years of selection and our specimens came from the United States, Italy, England, Germany and France .

Reproduction is reserved between specimens of different lineages exclusively. For these species, inbreeding should be avoided absolutely, and that is why we do not sell pairs from the same clutch.

We favor trade against other specimens of Drymarchon, to improve our strains and the variability of our bloodlines and the sustainability of our breeding.

We are proud to be partners of reputable breeders in France and around the world. Advices and support we have from them is priceless for us. Their influence is present in our choices of breeding programs, and our collaboration with them every day allows us to deepen and enrich our knowledge and our results. You can see a list of our partners in the Links section.


The Drymarchon snakes are quite specials. They each have a unique behavior and a singulary character, and are particulary curious. As they are specials, we want to be also, in our breeding and our values.

We will try to develop projects and partnerships to improve the herds in captivity, and to promote the genus Drymarchon in the best way possible by raising public awareness of its conservation and habitat protection.

And of course, we guarantee full traceability of our youth specimens and unlimited support for their future owners.


All the pictures of animals represents the actual specimen, with minimum post-production to show the real colors.

All pictures (except the picture of Charlotte on the About Us page, by Mickaël Léger) , logos, texts and the whole website are the exclusive property of West European Drymarchon. None of it can be used without explicit written authorization, as specified in the French law (Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle).