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Partnership Venomworld - Repti Conseils & Formations


Venomworld and Repti Conseils & Formations are happy to announce an exclusive partnership qui vous permettra de faire financer vos formations dédiée...

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March 2017 : this incubator starts to look good...


- Dyrmarchon corais unicolor - Drymarchon melanurus melanurus - Drymarchon melanurus rubidus...

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Clutch of Drymarchon corais unicolor 2017


Our female DRYCORUNIF3 gave us 14 wonderful eggs this morning. This breeding is the result of our collaboration with Norbert Pollack, German breeder, ...

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Comparison : Alain today VS Alain late 2015


Just for fun, we compared 2 pictures of Alain 1 year and a half apart. The change of his head is impressive ! ...

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Beginning of the season 2017 of herping !


The season 2017 of herping started early this year, with the fiorst vipera observed on 02/15. A lot of specimens had been seen since, as well as Podar...

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Drymarchon melanurus melanurus


First clutch of the year with 10 beautiful eggs of Drymarchon melanurus melanurus ! DRYMELMELF2 X DRYMELMELM1...

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Passage de Charlotte à Grands Reportages sur TF1


L'émission Grands Reportages du dimanche 11/09 sur TF1 avait pour thème les écoles de soigneurs animaliers. Découvrez dans la vidéo une intervent...

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First babies of Drymarchon couperi 2016 !


First hatching of Drymarchon couperi 2016 edition ! Only 1.1 babies, but beautiful and big babies : almost 50 g each. The female will stay with us...

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Herping : Vipera aspis and Lacerta bilineata


Herping sessions in March and Avril reserve a lot of observations. Here is a few pictures, with a one-eyed vipera :...

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Herping of the day


Exploration of a new field near our house this morning. Results : 13 Vipera aspis (with 1 baby), 2 Natrix natrix (babies impossible to photograph)...

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Clutch of Drymarchon corais unicolor


When the collaboration between a major German breeder (Norbert Pollack) and us is a success, we can count 19 eggs of Drymarchon corais unicolor ! A ve...

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Our very own breeding manager software : the WEDINATOR !


We introduce you the WEDINATOR, our own breeding manager software, developped by ourselves. It adds mass "events" ( molts , feedings , weighed , obser...

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