Drymarchon on French national television with Charlotte of WED !


Dans ce nouvel épisode de On est pas des cobayes, le dernier sujet (à partir de 33 minutes) traite de la locomotion des serpents, avec l'interventio...

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New project : Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi


New project for West European Drymarchon : Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi. We just welcomed these two brother/sister specimens from a german breeding,...

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West European Drymarchon at Colubri-Day 2015 - 17-18 October


On 17th and 18th October, the two of us will be presents as exhibitors in the Colubri-Day 2015 which will take place in the Reptiligne store in Lyon...

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Birth of DRYCOUF8


A very particular breeding season 2014/2015 for WED... We present you the last baby made in WED... well, almost ! Welcome to DRYCOUM8. This male...

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Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus 2015 - evolution of colors


A few photos of our Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus born in June. They eat well and grow fast. The last picture was taken just after birth, to show th...

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Beating heart valve of a Drymarchon couperi by ultrasound


The beating heart of our female DRYCOUF2 seen by ultrasound.   ...

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Birth of 5 babies - m>Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus classic X Albinos T+


5 babies are just born form the mating of our female Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus het anery with our male albino T+....

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Lampropeltis alterna blairi - season 2015


Our female Lampropeltis alterna blairi LAMALTBLAF5 layed 11 beautiful and big size eggs, from her previous mating with our male LAMALTBLAM4. See yo...

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Clutch of Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus classic X Albinos T+


Last night, our female Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus het. anery laid 6 beautiful eggs from her mating with our male albino T+....

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Reptilmag n°59 - 3 articles by West European Drymarchon


In the magazine Reptilmag n°59 (February-March-April2015), you can find 3 articles by West European Drymarchon, written by Charlotte HUBLER with p...

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Herptek talks about our installations


Herptek, the brand of terrariums that we use, talks about our installations on their facebook page. You can see the post by following this link : h...

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First fight of the year for Drymarchon melanurus melanurus


Our males Drymarchon melanurus melanurus were placed together to fight before mating with females. A few pictures of the violent battle :...

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