West European Drymarchon on RTL (French radio) !


Invited with Dr Bulliot (reptile vet) on the set of the broadcast "On est fait pour s'entendre" hosted by Flavie Flament on the french radio RTL...

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Available in Hamm 09/13


We will be in Terraristika Hamm next week. We can bring : - 2.4 Lampropeltis alterna blairi 2014 (feeding ok) / 50 euros - 1.1 Orthriophis...

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Birth of Lampropeltis alterna blairi


Wa had the pleasure to announce you the birth of 6 Lampropeltis alterna blairi on 2014/08/04. It is the first time we breed this species in our breedi...

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Birth of Drymarchon couperi - season 2014


On 2014/04/19/, we had the chance to show you a clutch of our female Drymarchon couperi. Today, we have even more chance to show you 5 young and be...

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Birth of a Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus


How could a birth could be both sad and happy ? Our babies Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus a few days before the date... Only one baby could hatch. K...

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Birth of 25 Boa constrictor longicauda


And here we go : our first clutch of Boa constrictor longicauda ! Our female BOACONLONF1 gave birth early this morning to 25 babies and only 4 slugs...

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Clutch of Lampropeltis alterna blairi


Congratulations to our female Lampropeltis alterna blairi (LAMALTBLAF5) ! We are proud of her first clutch. We find 11 beautiful eggs in result of the...

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Birth of Orthriophis taeniurus ridleyi "Cameron Highlands"


We are very happy to show you our babies Orthriophis taeniurus ridleyi « Cameron Highlands» season 2014 ! This blood line is very special with high...

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Clutch of Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus possible het. Anerythristic


We are very proud of this first clutch of our female Orthriophis taeniurus taeniurus « Possible Het. Anerytristic ». She is 4 years old and she g...

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First clutch of Drymarchon couperi


This is a special news for us, our first eggs of Drymarchon couperi ! Our female DRYCOUF1 gave us this wonderful clutch on 04/19/2014 : 8 big eggs w...

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